A new experiment investigates the withdrawal symptoms associated with technology.

“Unplugged” is a global research project that aims at investigating the relationship young adults have with electronic media. Under the program, which involves schools across the world, student participants are asked to spend a day without the Internet or any digital device and record their feelings and reflections of the day in a journal. Not surprisingly, most of the students had withdrawal symptoms and felt lonely and fidgety.

CNET reports on the study:

Earlier this year, a pilot study in Maryland revealed that many students reported symptoms similar to drug and alcohol withdrawal. Bournemouth professor Roman Gerodimos, who is leading the Unplugged program in the U.K., says: “The words ‘addiction' and ‘dependence' kept recurring in their narratives. They felt they lost connection with friends and family, even those living nearby, but also thought that the study was an eye-opener as it gave them the opportunity to reflect on the extent to which the media is part of their lives.”

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