A Post-PC World: Connected Devices & Continuous Services

A Post-PC World: Connected Devices & Continuous Services

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft's Chief Software Architect, has sent the company an email about the dawn of a new age of technology.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 26 october 2010

Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect has sent the company an email about the dawn of a new age of technology. He argues that we need to imagine a ‘post-PC’ world, as our lives, businesses and society are in the process of a “wholesale reconfiguration” in the way we perceive and apply technology:

To cope with the inherent complexity of a world of devices, a world of websites, and a world of apps & personal data that is spread across myriad devices & websites, a simple conceptual model is taking shape that brings it all together. We’re moving toward a world of 1) cloud-based continuous services that connect us all and do our bidding, and 2) appliance-like connected devices enabling us to interact with those cloud-based services.

Continuous services are websites and cloud-based agents that we can rely on for more and more of what we do…

Connected devices beyond the PC will increasingly come in a breathtaking number of shapes and sizes, tuned for a broad variety of communications, creation & consumption tasks. Each individual will interact with a fairly good number of these connected devices on a daily basis – their phone / internet companion; their car; a shared public display in the conference room, living room, or hallway wall.

Let there be no doubt that the big shifts occurring over the next five years ensure that this will absolutely be a time of great opportunity for those who put past technologies & successes into perspective, and envision all the transformational value that can be offered moving forward to individuals, businesses, governments and society. It’s the dawn of a new day – the sun having now arisen on a world of continuous services and connected devices.

Ray Ozzie

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