A Website Built On Twitter

A Website Built On Twitter

Kamchatka has foregone a traditional website in favor of developing its full online presence on the micro-blogging service.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 21 october 2010

Kamchatka, an agency in Argentina, offers a curious demo (below) of how and why it decided to establish its complete online presence via Twitter. From their content and people, to who they are and their portfolio, it’s all accessible via different but related Twitter user profiles.
Kamchatka Site Demo from Kamchatka on Vimeo.

Visiting the Kamchatka website will yield you this message:

This site is integrally developed using Twitter’s standard functionality. To view its content it’s not necessary to have an account. To browse through it you must explore the different tweets following each section’s @kchtk_section.

The site is optimized for the new Twitter. For a better user experience we recommend you log in.

We’re curious to see whether this will prove to me more effective and streamlined to Kamchatka’s audience, or confusing. And are they limiting their potential audience by expecting that most, if not all, visitors be or become rather active Twitter participants in order to familiarize and expose them to their content – vs. utilizing multiple platforms by which to do that? We’re curious to learn more about the experience of this approach.

Kamchatka on Twitter

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