An Earbud Gramophone (Pics)

An Earbud Gramophone (Pics)
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A British designer creates beautiful functional artwork out of ceramics and wood.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 29 october 2010

Designer Andrew Beaumont creates handmade fusions of ceramic and wood, as seen in the following thumbnails of vases and speakers. Designboom tells us more about one of his interesting creations:

The vase series features ceramic vases in archetypal forms combined with bent wood which envelopes the vase with smooth contours as if it were moulded around. the ceramic and wood speaker set is deigned to amplify the sound from small ear bud headphones. The headphones attach to the speaker at the back and the sound is reverberated through the ceramic bell, much like a gramophone.

Andrew Beaumont Ceramic Design

[via Designbloom]

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