A charity raises over $50,000 through foursquare check-ins.

A while ago PSFK published these photos of ads on the San Francisco BART. The ads asked travelers to check-in using foursquare and with every check-in a $10 donation to a environmental law practice would be made by a Bay Area donor.

The New York Times follows up three months later with a report that commuters have checked in at the ads more than 5,700 times, meeting Earthjustice’s $50,000 fund-raising goal:

“Foursquare was becoming very popular, especially here in San Francisco, and the BP oil spill had happened not too long before, so it was this perfect storm,” said Ray Wan, the marketing manager for Earthjustice, which is based in Oakland, Calif. “A lot of the time people are standing around BART checking their phones as they wait for their train, so it was a no-brainer to use Foursquare as way to get them to engage with the ads and support our work.”

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