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Black Mamba – Music Video #1 by baptiste jaquemet (Asnieres, France) These digitally created characters are up to no good – follow their crew around the streets of France in this hip-hop video. [Project Link] ILLUMINANT BODY by Yulia Gorbachenko (New York, NY) Saying these stylists go heavy on the accessories is an understatement. These exaggerated wardrobes, combined with light manipulation, result in bold, one-of-a kind pieces. [Project Link] Une Beaute Russe by Marzia Fossati (Milan, Italy) Ethereal to the max, this fashion set uses photo manipulation, styling, and of the course the model’s movements to create and eerily beautiful set. [Project Link] PLUMA TRACK BIKE by Nuno Teixeria (Lisbon, Portugal) Named after the Portuguese word for “feather,” it executes its goal of creating a lightweight, streamlined device through its unusual shape and light materials. [Project Link] Landmark by MENOSUNOCEROUNO (Monterrey, Mexico) Until 2003, the US Navy used the Puerto Rican island Viesques as a military testing ground, destroying the natural habitat with bomb craters. This project was made in protest of this. [Project Link]

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