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Pictograms by Jason Hill (Phoenix, AZ) Clean, concise, and just plain nice to look at, here’s a set of Pictograms design for clients like Fast Company and Jonnie Walker. [Project Link] Shizuku by SOFTlab (New York, NY) If you’ve ever been creeped out by what’s lurking under city sidewalk grates, this project isn’t for you. Nevertheless, a beautiful concept and installation. [Project Link] ABSENT / EMPTY by yosman boater (Medellin, Colombia) Although these look like photos taken from a spot overlooking a fog-covered city, they’re actually paintings. We know we were fooled. Were you? [Project Link] Comic Book Illustration – Ink Work by Gregory Parkin (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) Explosions, flying, weapons, and women in leather: this comic book artist covers all the bases. [Project Link] Misc. Portraits by Jenny Mörtsell (Brooklyn, NY) We always appreciate sets from gifted sketch artists. Here’s a set of portraits, with a few subjects you should recognize. [Project Link]

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