Creativity, Community, Innovation: Eiffel Society In New Orleans

Creativity, Community, Innovation: Eiffel Society In New Orleans
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As part of our month-long expedition across North America in search of creativity, community, and innovation, we explore a newly opened restaurant-cum contemporary art gallery brought to life by a group of local visionaries.

Christine Huang
  • 20 october 2010

On our recent visit to New Orleans, we had the opportunity to tour Eiffel Society, a newly opened restaurant-cum contemporary art gallery brought to life by a group of local visionaries, including LVX League and art collective Life is Art Foundation / KKProjects (whom we first met last year). The space, housed in a dazzling steel and glass birdcage-like structure once belonging to the Eiffel Tower, features site-specific installations by international and NOLA artists of all trades, from sculptors to architects to photographers.

In the course of constructing Eiffel Society, members of the Life is Art / KKProjects collective spent more than a month residing at the site as a sort of living Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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stallation, remaining on the grounds for the entire duration of the ‘performance.’ This period, and the process of erecting Eiffel Society and its installations, contributes to the space’s identity as much as the final product.

From their site:

During their stay, the Collective performed intentional interior design work, built sculptures, curated/created installations and practiced artistic exercises. These exercises were shaped through daily rituals, physical meditation, archetypal embodiment work and the Conscious Consumption-Creation Act. The artists intend to dissolve themselves, that they may imbue every element with creative life force. The result is an attuned spectrum. Everything, from object to energy, is art.

During that time, for example, they accumulated the waste they collectively created and transformed it into one of Eiffel’s most striking pieces – a larger than life-size pearl that now sits on the restaurant floor (see image below).

A biodynamic farm sits at the entrance to the space, providing some of the ingredients for the restaurant and bar. Eiffel hosts regular music performances and other ‘supper club’ events throughout the week, and hopes to introduce new pieces to its collection as the space, and its purpose and inspiration, evolve.

Eiffel Society

Life is Art Foundation / KKProjects

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