As part of our month-long expedition across North America in search of creativity, community, and innovation; we explore some of the inspired local businesses flourishing in the city.

We also had the chance to meet with Chris Schultz, founder of Launchpad and President of Voodoo Ventures, who took us on a tour of his collaborative co-working + startup space in the Gallery District and discussed the culture of collaborative innovation that he’s seen (and helped) grow over the last five years:

…[Post Katrina], the business community has become much more open and embracing of transplants and people moving in. When I first got here [before the hurricane] it was difficult to break into the traditional business community… and that all changed after Katrina. NOLA has become very warm and welcoming business environment. There is a real sense of connection and community in the start up community here that I don’t see in other places. [It’s] fostered by what we’ve gone through together; lifting ourselves up by our bootstraps post-Katrina have made us realize how dependent we are on each other and that a rising tide will lift all boats, and that we all want to succeed together.

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