An offbeat use of data visualisation transforms tuples into tulips

We're used to seeing projects which find new forms of expression for database statistics and infographics which find inventive and engaging ways to let users experience the raw data that lies within databases. However, rather than finding new ways to animate the raw data, numbers and statistics that spring from databases, Ben Geeblen has instead used the ledger format of Excel spreadsheets to achieve a delicate and ethereal appearance for his Tulip Lampshade.

The designer explains:

“To make sure the petals become more and more translucent towards the top without jeopardizing the strength, I decided to punch holes through them rather than make them thinner. The holes were designed with Excel. I wrote a spread sheet to determine the locations of all 2374 holes punching through one petal and I create an STL for those. After that it was just a question of doing a Boolean subtraction and adding the rim”

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