Google’s New Robot Car Hits The Road

Google’s New Robot Car Hits The Road

The company introduces a self-driving vehicle.

Naresh Kumar
  • 11 october 2010

Google has secretly developed a robot car that can drive itself without any human intervention. And to prove that this is no fantasy, the company even sent out a few of its cars on roads across California, which were able to safely negotiate the traffic and turns, without any accidents. The car uses artificial-intelligence and makes decisions like a human driver, but has an added advantage of not getting distracted or fatigued while driving. It will also engage its human driver to alert it in case its sensors miss an approaching signal.

Google said that their car has options to program itself to different driving modes-from cautious to aggressive and their technology would help vehicles to be driven more safely and also reduce fuel consumption and pollution.

The news has caused a lot of discussion in the online media. Henry Blodget over at Business Insider says that the project is distracting and that Google should create a spin off company; and Engadget reports that Google has seven autos that have already driven 1,000 unassisted miles each.


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