The Los Angeles Times talks to Marc Weinstein, co-founder of the independent Amoeba Music chain.

The Los Angeles Times has published a great profile of Marc Weinstein, the co-founder of the 3 store independent Amoeba Music chain. Weinstein's shops continue to do well, even in the age of the digital download and disappearing music stores. In fact, sales of vinyl are surging – the L.A. branch of Amoeba sells 1,000 records a day.

Two key ideas from the interview:


Another reason Amoeba has outlived its competitors is curated stock. While other record stores featured top-40 albums and a small back catalog, Weinstein and his partners kept thousands of titles flowing through their stores by mopping up estate sales and buying used records. To stock its Hollywood store for opening day, “we spent millions of dollars across the country buying up collections that had never been seen before,” he said. “And we still do. People who love our store come in frequently just to see what's new.”

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