A biomedical electronic device has the potential to offer remote health monitoring to patients.

A Dutch research organization called IMEC has created a body area network that transmits data from a human body to a cell phone. The Human + + contains electrocardiogram sensors connected to a small transmitter that is attached to a necklace. The wireless nodes transmit data from the body to a mobile device which can then be forwarded to a physician as a simple text message, making it an exciting prospect as a remote health monitoring device. IMEC's website says:

Our healthcare system is under pressure: it is estimated that by 2025 healthcare costs will exceed 15% of GDP in OECD countries, fueled by growing elderly populations, the ubiquity of unhealthy lifestyles and the increased incidence of chronic diseases. Paired with an increasingly personalized standard of care, these factors necessitate the allocation of more resources than are currently available. More effective and sustainable healthcare models are therefore needed. Nanoelectronics technologies are in a unique position to address this need by driving and supporting innovation for biomedical tools used across the healthcare continuum of care, from prediction to detection and treatment.

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