Immaculate Telegraphy: Creating A Telegraph From Scratch

Immaculate Telegraphy: Creating A Telegraph From Scratch
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An artist and inventor creates an electronic communication device without using any modern tools or materials.

Naresh Kumar
  • 20 october 2010

Last year, Jamie O’Shea and his organization Substitute Materials set out on a quest to understand if electronic communication could have been developed in any era. Their study took O’Shea to the woods of New Jersey, where using only materials found on the ground and with no modern tools to work with, he built a telegraph switch producing minute volts of electricity. This project, named Immaculate Telegraphy, concluded that a complete telegraphic network could have been developed even in the early ages of man.

Watch this video as Jamie O’Shea goes about creating a telegraph:

Immaculate Telegraphy

[via Motherboard]

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