The Chilean miner rescue effort is an example of innovation in crisis management that the world can learn from.

“Anything is possible” is an apt phrase to describe the successful rescue of the Chilean miners who were trapped for 69 days underground. From an innovation standpoint, the lessons learned from this period of crisis is what John Kao examines in the Daily Beast. In his post, “How The Chileans Did It Right,” Kao describes how the world can educate itself through Chile’s example:

What we need to understand is that Chile has for a number of years been quietly moving with speed and deliberation toward becoming an Innovation Nation. Innovation is a priority for both government and the private sector. Fundacion Chile, a non-profit established some 34 years ago, has provided strategy and a roadmap for the country’s innovation agenda. Thus it seems to me that this successful rescue is not an accident, but rather reflects a society that has embraced innovation, not just as a value, but also as a practice. There is something valuable to learn here.

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