Levi’s Photo Workshop: A Community Photography Creation And Collaboration Venue Opens In NYC

Levi’s Photo Workshop:  A Community Photography Creation And Collaboration Venue Opens In NYC
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Levi's creates a popup dream space in New York City for photography professionals and amateurs looking to hone their craft.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 8 october 2010

Opening today in the former Deitch Gallery in NYC is the Levi’s Photo Workshop. Levi’s established the workshop to both celebrate photography’s rich history in New York City and to be a place where photographers of all levels can work together. The Photo Workshop will provide free photography resources including camera rentals (they have a fantastic selection of both digital and vintage film cameras available), the use of studio space and professional lighting equipment, and photo printers ranging from small and large format inkjet to an apparel printer. Experts will be on hand to offer guidance and advice in each area. Levi’s is also planning a series of free educational workshops  and photo walking tours dealing both with the technical and creative aspects of photography lead by noted New York photographers. Check the calendar for event updates.


Camera Rental Area

The Photo Workshop is the second such workshop Levi’s has staged. The first, was a print shop held earlier this year in San Francisco. We spoke with Joshua Katz from Levi’s who created the project and commented that the Workshops represented a way for Levi’s to offer a unique experience based around creativity and learning. Levi’s wanted to celebrate the pioneering creative spirit of artists and craftspeople in a way that would also hopefully turn others on to a new craft. As one of the original American work wear brands, Katz remarked that Levi’s has a long standing connection to craftspeople and the workshops reflect a 21st century take on American craft.

Anyone remotely interested in photography either in New York City or passing through over the next three months will want to check out the space. The gallery will feature a rotating exhibition of photographs, some shot right from the on-site studio. If you can’t make it, many of the special workshops and discussions will be broadcast online.

Levi’s Photo Workshop
18 Wooster St
btw Canal St and Grand St
New York, NY



Vintage Camera Rental



Studio Area



Print Production Area


Makeup and Studio


Leica Archive Exhibition



Retail space for select Levi’s apparel and photography accessories




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