Linyl: Turntable Plays Visual Memories

Linyl: Turntable Plays Visual Memories
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Designer uses a musical device to evoke nostalgia through color and photos.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 october 2010

Designer Ishac Bertran developed an interactive music project called Linyl in which he used an old record player, not to play music, but to evoke old memories through photos played as discs. By attaching a color light sensor to the record player, he was able to create a nostalgic ambiance using colors that were extracted from the photos.

Ishac explains his project:

We wanted Linyl to play memories and nostalgia rather than music. We chose old photos as the element that could create the same emotional effect as music. Photos that are attached to a memory, a record of a piece of our lives. In order for photos to be read by the player, we convert them to discs of color by extracting a color palette to generate a pattern. Using these, the old memories can be played with Linyl.

A colour light sensor is retrofitted onto the arm of the record player. It reads the color from the disc, next to the stylus. The information is sent to the lamp, which creates the ambient mood by gently going through the colors of the photo. These changing colors evoke the memory of a past time.

Watch this project in the video below:

Linyl from Ishac Bertran on Vimeo.


[via Design Boom]

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