Web entrepreneur says that most online publishers and producers won't make money because of the "content ceiling."

Mark Cuban says that most online publishers and producers won’t make money from the Internet because of the “content ceiling.” The web entrepreneur argues in a recent post on Business Insider that the reason for the recent sale of online sites like TechCrunch is because, despite years of trying, content producers still can’t make “big money”:

Here we are years into social media. Blogging. Vertical Social Networks (see Ning). Content creators have been grinding it out chasing the ability to make a living and possibly put some money away for the better part of a decade with little or no success. Rather than continue to 6 a.m. to midnight grind, they are revamping or selling. You can’t blame them. At some point every business has to become not only a labor of love, but one that can pay off your credit card dreams as well.

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