Minecraft: The Appeal Of Lo-Fi, Creative Gaming

Minecraft: The Appeal Of Lo-Fi, Creative Gaming

A simple 8-bit sandbox game slowly takes the forefront in a time of high-performance gaming.

Don Michael Acelar De Leon
  • 8 october 2010

In a time when a “revolutionary video game” is defined largely by its insanely high production values and computer-melting graphical properties, a new sandbox game called Minecraft is rapidly taking gamers all over the world by storm.

The surprising catch? Minecraft is rendered in old school block-style 8-bit graphics.

The premise is simple: You play a character thrown into a randomly-generated world with absolutely nothing but trees, coal, stones, water, and a few jumping cows to keep you company. Your goal is to survive nightly attacks of skeletons, zombies, and spiders by building a fortress during the day. As lone creator Notch simply puts, Minecraft is all about “placing blocks while running from Skeletons…or something like that.”

A user-generated city in Minecraft

The beauty of Minecraft lies in the power to create just about anything a player can imagine. While Notch happily made himself a roller coaster, some players took it up a few notches and built themselves an underground castle, a mile-high railway system, and even the entire planet Earth.

With rave reviews, a jolly and involved creator, and an enthusiastic growing community, Minecraft is sure to hook more gamers onto the simple joys of lo-fi but highly addictive creative gaming.

Watch a fan-made trailer via Vareide.


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