A superstore with conceptual products made using nanotechnology.

This weekend, Dutch Design Week will host a new kind of supermarket that will exhibit conceptual nanotech-made products speculated to hit the market in the next decade. The NANO Supermarket will have in its shelves, innovative and useful products envisioned by artists and technologists to represent a future where nanotechnology wil shape our lives, for better or for worse.

Next Nature on a sample of products available at the NANO Supermarket:

Wallsmart – Interactive wallpaint

This paint gives you the freedom to change the colour of your walls with the push of a button. Just paint any surface once with the product and nano particles in the paint will give you the option to change colour just by choosing on from the accompanied computer program. If you get fed up with your choice just pick a different colour and the walls will change instantly into the desired hue.

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