Slate Labs creates a tool to show relationships between news stories.

For many of us, still, there is this nostalgic memory of reading the whole of the Sunday newspaper — slowly making connections in the news and happenings of world culture. Yet, as technology speeds up and segments attention spans content become shorter and the time allotted to make connections is scarce.

In a play that allows for technology to offer a utility to make those connections, Slate Labs presents News Dots.

Information Aesthetics explains:

News Dots [] is one of Slate Labs “experiments in multimedia journalism”. The interactive, online tool represents the most recent topics in the news as a social network. Subjects, shown as circles, are connected to one another if they appear together in at least 2 stories. The size of each dot is proportional to the total number of times the subject is mentioned, while its color reveals it stands for a person, a place, a group or a company. Dots are clickable to reveal the particular stories that mention the according topic, and all other topics it connects to in the network.

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