Non-Sign II: Bringing Awareness To The Advertising Landscape

Non-Sign II: Bringing Awareness To The Advertising Landscape

Lead Pencil Studio creates a unique sculpture at the US-Canada border.

Naresh Kumar
  • 22 october 2010

The Lead Pencil Studio recently completed a new artwork called Non-Sign II. Commissioned by the American government and to be installed at the US-Canada border, this abstract artwork consists of a blank frame surrounded by a web of metal pieces.

The Stranger describes Lead Pencil’s project:

They noticed the way the area is packed with signs—advertising billboards, and then, closer to the border, a proliferation of government signs. Their hope is that their sign, flying by enigmatically (“What was that?”), will add a little bit of awareness to the whole signage landscape in the border zone. Just open up a free space, really. How very American. The empty rectangle frames only a view of sky as you drive by, nothing else.

Lead Pencil Studio

The Stranger: “Currently Hanging: Lead Pencil Studio”


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