A UK social media campaign invites users to tag a Tweet this week with #singingtweetagrams, for select messages to be recorded into a singing 'Tweetagram.'

POKE London has collaborated with Orange’s The Feed to turn tweets into harmonised songs sang by The Rockabellas. From Monday through Thursday of this week, select Tweets tagged with #singingtweetagrams will be recorded into one-off, downloadable Tweetagrams. The recorded Tweetagrams will be posted on The Feed, and selected user submissions will be informed via Twitter if/when musical message is recorded – be it sweet, sultry, witty or snarky.

The Feed is a digital space where Orange launches a weekly topic, game or competition related to the Internet and beyond – with the sole purpose of entertaining and engaging the brand’s audience. It doesn’t require a huge leap to also observe that this initiative could also be intended to strengthen the brand’s association as preferred telecom service provider, and gateway for UK consumers to access this and other related entertainment content.

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