Microsoft's colorful tagging system continues to gather steam.

Microsoft recently announced that its tagging system has created a staggering 2 billion printed bar codes since it's inception in January 2009. There is something to be said for aesthetic choices, as the codes have a more colorful appearance than the traditional black and white QR codes, possibly helping this surge of tagging to connect the virtual space into the real world.

Some statistics from the press release:

1 billion Tags have been printed in the past four months, bringing the total to 2 billion Tags printed since its January 2009 launch. The number of Tag users increased by three fold since emerging from beta in May; the number of Tags scanned increased by four fold during the same time period. To date, more than 100,000 Tag accounts have been set up to add interactive digital experiences to brand advertising and marketing campaigns. Since August, Tag has been used in more than 100 million magazine issues. In the largest known barcode campaign to date, Allure had 450,000 scans, using Microsoft Tag for its annual Free Stuff Giveaway issue in August.

Microsoft Tag

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