Renault begins to explore the future design language of its electric cars.

Renault is getting ready to begin selling electric vehicles and used the 2010 Paris Motor Show to present what they plan to offer as well as a vision of the future. The first two electric vehicle models will appear in showrooms late next year. The ZOE Preview is a glimpse at what one of the cars will look like. The ZOE Preview is intended to be a mass-market, zero-emission, everyday car. It will be powered by a 60kW (80hp) motor with electricity from a lithium-ion battery. The battery can be charged in one of three ways. The ZOE Preview can be plugged into a household or public charging point and attain a full charge in 6-8 hours. A network of ‘Fast Charge’ stations will also be established for emergency situations. These will provide 37 miles range in less than 10 minutes or 80% battery capacity in 30 minutes. The third is a a battery swap via a Quickdrop battery exchange station. A depleted battery can be exchanged for a fully charged one in three minutes. Renault is working with Better Place to expand the Quickdrop network.

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