(Pic) Oil Tank Becomes A Sleeping Pod

(Pic) Oil Tank Becomes A Sleeping Pod
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New York's LOT-EK upcycles petroleum oil tanks into a unique architectural element.

Plus Aziz
  • 26 october 2010

LOT-EK are container specialists that created a remarkable space for two sleeping pods and two bathrooms by upcycling petroleum oil tanks.

Re-Nest details the interior design of the work:

This New York loft is made from a recycled petroleum tank which has been transformed into two sleeping pods and two bathrooms, stacked upon one another. The tank was cut into two sections: the first, placed horizontally over the living room and contains two sleeping pods, and the second placed vertically within the space to hold two bathroom pods stacked vertically.

The sleeping pods are accessed by four hydraulically controlled hatchback doors which open and close at the push of a button completely sealing the pods in from the space below. The pods are accessed via a catwalk made of metal grating filled with clear resin for a stable yet transparent surface.


[via Re-Nest]

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