(Pics) Printing Ads On Money

(Pics) Printing Ads On Money

Michael Marcovici introduces a new way to think about media locations and networks.

Lisa Baldini
  • 1 october 2010

The Internet has revolutionized how we think about the what and how we see the world with the introduction of trackable networks. In doing so, advertising’s impact on the visual landscape of the Internet is integral. Yet, would there be a better place for localized but fluid media placements?

This is the inquest of artist Michael Marcovici’s  intervention with currency as a new terrain for ad placements:

This artist has estimated the ROI of the media buy that would involve printing custom US dollar bills and created some spec work: “The average 100 USD Note is circulating for 7.4 years, it changes hands on average 3x per week, so each ad on a 100 USD note is seen by more then 1000 persons.” The U.S. prints 38 million bills a day. Sell the space for a buck each — for a Franklin, that will be $1 CPM over each bill’s lifetime — and add $14 billion a year to the ailing economy.


[via: Ad Labs]

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