An organization is archiving one of the most iconic web properties from the early days of the Internet.

When Yahoo decided to pull the plug on Geocities last year, many old timers probably sighed at seeing the last of that iconic free website service that literally got us ordinary folks started on the Internet. But there was one organization that was determined to save whatever it could from the nearly 1 Terabyte of data that Geocities’ users created in all those years. After almost a year of painstakingly saving page by page of this digital heritage, the Archive Team is ready to release Geocities on a torrent with over 900 gigabytes of data in it. Whether you are a researcher who wants to study the early days of the Internet, a young grasshopper who is curious to know how the web looked like back then or simply someone who has fond memories of creating your first (garish looking) web page, this torrent could be a goldmine for you.

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