TBWA's content management system also serves as a tool to allow employees to tell their own story with material spanning multiple platforms.

Responding to the creative, advertising and marketing community mantra to tell better and more engaging stories, TBWA has launched Projeqt, a “creative storytelling platform.” Projeqt provides users (currently only TBWA employees) with a multi-media and social media-driven vehicle in which to capture and tell their complete story. The site was built in HTML5 and is device-agnostic, allowing for mobile phone access.

While Projeqt is currently available primarily to TBWA employees, the wider creative community can sign up for a beta account. Beyond being an interesting Content Management System (CMS) – it also powers the relaunched TBWA Worldwide website. Projeqt is also a step towards helping the advertising and marketing world better tell their own stories to the industry by showcasing not only the imprint it has made on behalf of its brands across the web (and off), but the creative talent that resides in their offices – whom are capable of creating their own stories. Projeqt aims to provide the technology and tools by which to more seamlessly do that.

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