The Spun Chair by Danish designer, Mathias Bengtsson is one of the lightest chairs ever made.

A recent New York Times feature by Elaine Louie profiled a new exhibition at the Scandinavia House titled Nordic Models + Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded. The show, opening this Friday in New York City, showcases the interest among Nordic designers in innovative technologies, craftsmanship, and materials. Among the 41 pieces featured in the show is the Spun Chair. Created by Danish designer, Mathias Bengtsson, the chair was produced using spun carbon fiber, “a material used in helicopters and medical prostheses — and weighs just 2.2 pounds…one of the lightest chairs ever made.”  Look at the specs of the new 11-inch MacBook Air which weighs 2.3 pounds, an ounce more than the Spun Chair.

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