In an extract from the draft of his forthcoming book, Piers Fawkes describes how Sony started the personal technology movement.

The following is an extract from my forthcoming book on finding good ideas which will be published by Palgrave MacMillan:

There is a great story about the birth of what may have been the most culturally important piece of technology created in the last fifty years: the Sony Walkman – a device that, according to popular business wisdom, should never have existed.

The first Walkman was based on technology that had failed testing, and a concept that the sales staff, the marketing department, and the media had already rejected. Still, the founder and the co-chairman, driven by their perception of growing market needs, ignored the critics and drove the product to launch. The rest is history, and the impact of the product can still be seen today. The popularity of Apple's iPhone, iPod, and even the iPad owe a lot to the Walkman.

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