Some revealing statistics on how parents are creating the online presence of their kids.

No less than 92% of children in the US have some kind of online presence by the time they are two, according to a new study conducted by Internet security firm AVG. From photos to even full profiles on social networks, today’s parents seem to be zealously sharing information about their kids on the web.

Here are more results from the survey and why parents feel the need to create a digital footprint for their kids so early:

The study found that nearly one in four children have an online presence before they are even born. On average, 23% of parents share images from prenatal sonograms on the web; a full third do so in the U.S. The practice is even more common in Canada (37%), and significantly less popular in western Europe (13-15%) and Japan (14%). After birth, 7% of babies and toddlers have an e-mail address created for them (12% in Spain), and 5% have their own profile on a social network.

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