MoMA brings an exhibit spotlighting the modern kitchen and its transformations from the twentieth century onwards.

Consider this, the way your kitchen looks reveals more about how you live than any other part of your apartment or house.

MoMA's exhibition, titled Counter Space: Design and the Modern Kitchen, positions the kitchen as the driving force behind domesticity and pays close attention to the role of women in articulating political, economic, and sociological trends, which are fleshed out in a handful of programs and lectures.

Besides the numerous vintage objects, photographs, floor plans, and posters on display, the exhibit juxtaposes two kitchen designs. The first is by Grete Schütte-Lihotzky, a Frankfurt School designer whom embraces compactness, cleanliness, and standardization in her usage of space, reflecting larger design trends characterizing a post-war era. As photojournalist Yana Paskova points out in a New York Times article:

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