The Origins Of Denim

The Origins Of Denim
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A new exhibition at Galerie Canesso unearths the humble origins of the fabric.

Lisa Baldini
  • 4 october 2010

Regardless of age, credence or color, denim jeans are probably one of the most pervasive clothing items in America — if not the world. Their origins, however, have often been hard to chart. While many of us may think of them as a San Francisco, gold-miner invention, both France and Italy claim to be first as far back as the 1500s. These earlier origins remained a rumour until the recent unearthing of Northern Italian Renaissance paintings from the 1600s.

A new exhibition at Paris’s Galerie Canesso showcases these works. Perhaps not surprisingly, the works depict poor peasants living humble lives.

Canesso Gallery

The History Blog: “The Renaissance jean jacket”

[Via: Kottke]

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