The Standard Launches Culture Site

The Standard Launches Culture Site

The hotel chain has created a website which not just chronicles the glamour and debauchery of the hotel's inhabitants, but also genuinely provides a service to those looking to find out about new ideas.

Laura Feinstein
  • 15 october 2010

While it seems that companies right and left have been launching their own blogs, The Standard has genuinely formed a culture site which not just chronicles the regular glamour and debauchery of the hotel’s inhabitants, but also genuinely provides a service to those looking to find out about new and interesting innovations. This iPad and mobile friendly site includes The Standard Video booth—a user generated feature which allows hotel guests to answer lighthearted “Proustian type” questionnaires via their laptop, in essence creating a virtual guestbook.

In addition to original blog content, including videos such as a film short shot by Casey Neistat, events coverage, music reviews, collaborator interviews and employee features, there’s also a fully loaded events calendar featuring all the happenings at each property (which can include everything from a yoga retreat in Miami to acoustic nights in Hollywood).

Like a true online culture mag, the site features an image gallery with highlighted editorial photography and party photos shot at the hotels. On of our favorite features Standard Sounds—includes a shareable music widget with free downloadable playlists curated by all four Standards, refreshed on a monthly basis and part of a larger collaboration with free MP3 downloading site RCDRLBL.

In addition, over the past weeks we’ve been following an anonymous contributor to, Stan D’arde, which we recently found out was “the irreverent and anonymous voice for The Standards, bringing news and musings across the hotels” and part of the larger Standard blogging effort.

For those visiting from out of town, the site has conveniently collaborated with City Guide LA, Miami and Flavorpill in New York.

While The Standard’s offerings have consistently been ahead the times in terms of media, collaborations, and general accessibility, the true irony is that they’ve actually managed to do a better job providing cultural access than many established magazines and outlets, not to mention ones they’ve occasionally teamed up with. In truth, they are perhaps setting a template for what an organization is able to offer, one that few have been quick to pick up on. For that, The Standard is truly anything but.

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