Using The Power Of Facebook To Eliminate Waste From The Environment

Using The Power Of Facebook To Eliminate Waste From The Environment

THREElittleSTEPS offers a few simple daily steps to clean up the environment.

Naresh Kumar
  • 29 october 2010

THREElittleSTEPS is a brilliantly-conceptualized green project that leverages Facebook’s reach to clean the environment. The project invites people to join its movement of picking up just three pieces of litter they come across in their daily lives. The members take pictures of the trash they pick up and post them on the organization’s Facebook page which is broadcasted to all the members as a reminder, encouraging them also to pick up three pieces of litter daily. THREElittleSTEPS believes that with their daily participation in cleaning up litter, people will become more sensitive of the waste around them and shift their own waste habits for the good.

The beauty of THREElittleSTEPS lies in its simplicity; too many times, we get overwhelmed and shy away from tackling big issues affecting us due to their sheer size, but by taking these small, achievable steps daily, we can do our bit in making a positive impact on our environment.


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