UK Surveillance Society Seeks To Enlist ISP Assistance

UK Surveillance Society Seeks To Enlist ISP Assistance

British Government moves to restore police power to access citizen's Internet browsing data

Stephen Fortune
  • 25 october 2010

The spectre of Orwell’s Big Brother society quietly rattled it’s chains once more in the wake of the British Government’s comprehensive spending review.

The UK coalition government plans to revive plans to store every email, web page visit and phone call made in the UK for an unspecified time period. The previously shelved ‘interception modernisation programme’ was surreptiously revived within the Strategic Defence and Security Review and flew under the radar on a day when most headlines were grabbed by the swingeing cuts across the public sector.

The Guardian reports that:

The interception modernisation programme, requires internet service providers to retain data about how people have used the internet, and for phone networks to record details about phone calls, for an unspecified period.The government says police and security services would be able to access that data if they could demonstrate it was to prevent a “terror-related” crime.

The question now is what shape this monitoring will take? That the programmes revival is being couched via contentious ‘terror legislation’ rhetoric is setting alarm bells ringing amongst those concerned about the erosion of civil liberties and onset of the database state in the UK such as No2ID and Liberty.

[via The Guardian]

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