Viscom tec 10: Specificity & The Transformative Quality Of Digital Installations

Viscom tec 10: Specificity & The Transformative Quality Of Digital Installations

PSFK talks to Jussi Ängeslevä about his work, and what he'll be discussing at the upcoming viscom tec 10 conference.

Dan Gould
  • 20 october 2010

PSFK founder Piers Fawkes will be speaking at the upcoming viscom tec 10 conference taking place in Frankfort, Germany on November 3rd. The annual conference brings together a wide range of participants from the marketing and visual communication technology fields. They gather to inspire, to entertain, and to discuss the latest ideas and technologies that will change the way we communicate.

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We’ll be featuring interviews with several of the speakers from viscom tec 10 over the next two weeks. Today we talk to Jussi Ängeslevä, who balances between education, research and industry, holding guest professorship at the Berlin University of the Arts and working as Art Director at ART+COM design agency.

What will you be talking about at viscom?

To justify the financial investment in building digital media installations in public space often times has the lure to enable a “general purpose” use of the system. A large LED screen, an array of flat screens, or a mobile terminal is expensive piece of hardware, and to get the money’s worth, it is left open for all possible content, mainly advertising. The impact of media in public space, however, relies on careful consideration of the structural, design and social context. Thus, the more specific the installation, and the more controlled or limited the content, the more impact the work has. This lecture discusses a series of public space media installations where the physical and digital design are inseparable in the process, highlighting the benefits of creating highly custom, one off solutions .

What are you working on right now?

What I write above, to large extent. This extends across broad range of fields: from Art installations in public space to information architecture and interface design for large complexes.

What has been the most interesting response or reaction to your project?

Hmm.. as what I’ll be talking about will not cover any single project, I cannot really answer. But in general the transformative quality of well designed digital installations truly transform the space. It’s those moments when you momentarily completely forget the fact that you’re interfacing with some technological system, but just get lured in by the corporeal experience.

What projects, people or ideas are currently inspiring your thinking these days?

On one hand, in the theoretical front, the “Enactive interaction design” based on perceptual psychologists or philosophers such as Alva Noë, Paul Dourish, and digital Behaviour artists and designers such as Golan Levin, Ryota Kuwakubo, Troika Design and Pablo Valbuena for example, who all consider the spaces where the works exist inseparable from the actual piece, and it is the interaction that really makes the work.

What developing trend, idea or technology makes you most excited or hopeful for the future?

Specificity. The increasingly high level of abstraction in software and hardware components, making it today possible to create highly customised systems and experiences without having to have a whole R&D production in house, but instead, you can stand on shoulder of an army of giants.

Thanks Jussi!

Jussi Ängeslevä

viscom tec 10 conference

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