The latest brand and 'celebrity' directorial collaboration aims to better position the beer brand as a "Thing of Beauty."

Directors Roman Coppola and Wes Anderson have directed Mother‘s latest story for the premium Stella Artois beer brand. Apartomatic positions the beer as a ‘Thing of Beauty', set in a 1960s French film world (which has influenced Anderson's work), and features futuristic, modern gadgetry that appeals to many today (and to Coppola – a gadgets fan).

Why these directors, and why this direction (vs. the more classic, nostalgic tone of the brand's Robert McGinnis work for print)? Stella Artois is targeting its “unisex” consumers who are well-educated, earn slightly higher income and value ambition. Perhaps the brand and Mother believe they may be able to get the attention of – and better resonate with – this audience by telling the brand story through the eyes of the indie directors, whose work receives much admiration and credit from this particular audience.

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