Gaby Dunn conducts 100 interviews in a year based on a list of the kind of people she knew existed in New York City and wanted to meet.

So New Yorkers, do you ever glance up from your subway seat and wonder, “Hmm, I’d really like to know who that person across the way is, and where they’re headed this morning?” Perhaps you can’t be bothered in the process of attempting to be on time for work, and commuting whilst not caffeinated to really think about how many varied strangers you brush shoulders with on any given day, but proactive 22-year old, Gaby Dunn did just that.

Dunn created a list of 100 types of people, from one-hit wonders to those who have saved a life — the kind of people she knew existed but had never encountered, and set out to meet them all face-to-face to expand her world. Thus, the 100 interviews project began on October 1, following 8 specific rules, with the goal of conducting an interview with each of the 100 people on the list in the following year. PSFK spoke with Gaby Dunn to get the low-down on her ambitious endeavor.

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