This year Nokero introduced the innovative light source. The N200 is its brighter, stronger and more robust successor.

In June, Hong Kong-based Nokero debuted the world’s very first solar powered light bulb, designed for the 1.6 billion people throughout the world who rely on fuel-powered lanterns for light. Nokero (short for “no kerosene”) have recently introduced the N200 which features a more robust design. The bulb’s LED sits on a pivot to capture as much light as possible during the day, and can be flipped over to form a lantern at night. Compared to its predecessor, the rainproof N200 produces sixty percent more glow and provides enough solar energy for six hours of light on a single day’s charge. The N200 switches off automatically in bright light, and can be placed on a “high” or “low” setting to save energy. A video on YouTube demonstrates the bulb in use. Priced starting at USD 20 per bulb, the N200 is already being used in Pakistan and Kenya, and it will soon arrive in Iraq. According to Nokero, more than one million people die each year in fuel-based lighting fires, and an additional 1.6 million are estimated to die from indoor air pollution. The company offers a “buy one, give one” program with discounted prices for increased affordability. Nokero

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