A Self-Sufficient Underground City

A Self-Sufficient Underground City

An ambitious concept to build a city 500 meters deep in an abandoned Russian diamond mine.

Naresh Kumar
  • 19 november 2010

Russian architectural firm Ab Elise has designed a proposed city to be constructed 550-meters deep in an abandoned Siberian mine. The ‘Eco-city 2020’ would be built inside the Mir diamond mine that measures over one kilometer in diameter and would be able to house 100,000 people. The city will be covered with a protective glass dome to guard its residents from Siberia’s inclement weather, while the solar cells on its walls will harvest the sun’s energy to provide power for the whole city.

Eco-city 2020 will be divided in three levels containing vertical farms, residential areas and recreational spaces with a large core featured at the center.

The project is just on paper at the moment,  and while the company’s plans to attract tourists to their domed underground city look too ambitious, it may be something to explore in a future of expanding populations and shrinking resources.

Ab Elise

[via Dvice]

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