Collaborative Consumption: eBay Launches GroupGifts

Collaborative Consumption: eBay Launches GroupGifts

The company responds to the rise in collective actions by facilitating group gifting.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 3 november 2010

eBay GroupGifts promises to help you ‘give bigger, give better, give it together’. The tool will allow customers to pitch in and share the expense on a group gift for a mutual recipient – right in time for the holidays. The rules are simple – pick a recipient, find a gift (on eBay, of course), invite friends, get payment/contributions by those going in on the gift, and have it shipped to the recipient when the final price is  collected.

With collaborative consumption – sharing of a single purchase among multiple owners – on the rise, we found this to offer another example of how companies and brands can intelligently and beneficially respond to consumers’ changing behaviors. In this case, consumers might not be ‘sharing’ the end product, as they might a Zipcar rental  – but they are sharing on the expense. eBay is making it simpler and more intuitive for customers to do this and still give eBay the final sale – without having to force a single individual to absorb the entire purchase cost, and then have to collect from others later.

eBay GroupGifts

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