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Blooming In The Wind by mekene architecture (Paris, France) Blending sustainable design with flat-out breathtaking aesthetic, this Dubai tower collects dew at night to serve as the next's day water supply. [Project Link] Johanna Lenander by Lundgren&Lindqvist (Gothenburg, Sweden) In this identity set made for an NYC writer, the client's personality clearly drove the design aesthetic: classic, but with a modern twist. [Project Link] 3 X 3D by jonathan ball (Cardiff, United Kingdom) Head down the rabbit hole and into the animated imagination of this critter designer. [Project Link] Adobe User Group XL by Momkai (Amsterdam, Netherlands) Embracing the season, but adding a 3D twist onto the familiar tropes, here's a set made for a November Adobe Event. [Project Link] The Collection by Andre Beato (Lisbon, Portugal) Logos and prints that crawl, drip, pop, wink, and generally dominate. [Project Link]

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