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Visual identity / Markus Hund by Rene Bieder (Berlin, Germany) From DVD covers to letterheads, digital content artist Markus Hund's new visual identity is subtly impeccable. [Project Link] I Love Avant Garde by Two Points (Barcelona, Spain) When time-honored typefaces and contemporary designs collide. [Project Link] TYPOGRAPHY by Mark Bligh (Sydney, Australia) Elusive and slippery, this typeface has a liquid metal quality to it. [Project Link] mobile app by Jakub Burkot (Kariskrona, Sweden) Mission: Choose an app you're not happy with and improve it. A killer revision of this mobile music app! [Project Link] VIOLIN by Tatiana Plakhova (Moscow, Russia) How would you turn classical music into an intense visual experience? A hauntingly beautiful treatment. [Project Link]

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