Anthony E Zuiker argues that television, Internet, mobile and gaming will need to be baked into every show (and book).

At the Cellcom Media Conference in Tel Aviv earlier this week, Anthony E Zuiker, the creator of the widely syndicated CSI TV shows explained his vision for cross platform story telling.

Zuiker wondered how we can predict the future because everything is changing. “Ferocious and fast-moving” technology was effecting a lot of industries adversely because in many of them you can find an old regime holding on to the old. Zuiker said:

“It’s over. Those days are gone! I find it archaic that I would force you to watch the show at a certain time each week. Thats archaic and will lead to the extinction of program television. You don’t have to be home n a certain day each week to watch a show at 9. This is not the 60s when you sat down with pipe and dog. Those days are over!”

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