IDEO's Tim Brown discusses how the creative process can be employed as a discipline to help solve some larger, more systematic problems.

A recent piece at Design Taxi features an interview with IDEO‘s president – Tim Brown – in which he discusses his perspective on how design thinking has become ‘smaller' over recent years by myopically focusing its application too much on individual products or pieces, and not on the totality of larger systems, experiences and challenges. Part of the problem may have stemmed from how design and innovation was defined and sourced. According to Brown:

The old idea that creative people were ‘individually creative' and that it was individual ideas that were most impactful is making way for a new form of creativity. Now, it's the ideas that emerge from networks that are most innovative. We as creative people need to understand how to participate in networks and how to create them. At its simplest level, it's about using the processes that designers have used for many years but applying them to a broader set of challenges both in business and society.

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