DIY STI Diagnostics From the Privacy of Your iPhone

DIY STI Diagnostics From the Privacy of Your iPhone
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Researchers in London develop a DIY STI test that you can use through your iPhone.

Claudia Cukrov
  • 22 november 2010

In response to a 36% ‘epidemic’ jump in reported cases of STIs over the past nine years,  the UK government has invested nine-million dollars to develop an easy, on-the-go STI test you can take from the privacy of your iPhone.

Researcher Tariq Sadiq and his team at St. George’s University of London, along with partners at a number of other UK universities, are currently working out a prototype for the hardware, but the goal is for users to be able to plug the eSTI² device straight into their smartphones and computers to get instant results.

Hoping to improve the U.K.’s sexual health using nanotechnology similar to that found in home pregnancy test kits, the current eSTI² will recommend a ‘course of action’ after making its diagnosis, with future prototypes set to automatically make appointments for the user at local sexual health clinics.

The research team is envisioning having test devices made available to the public through pharmacies and even vending machines.

St. George’s University of London

[via Hive]

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