Do You See?

Do You See?
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Photo exhibition in São Paulo depicts Africa beyond stereotypes

Mauricio Soares
  • 23 november 2010


Tás a ver?

Don’t expect to find pictures of the African savanna among the ones displayed in Tás a ver? (literally “do you see?”, or “do you get it?”, in a free translation) exhibition. The title is a provocation that sets the tone for distinctive images that portray a contemporary and urban African continent. It deliberately uses Portuguese, which is spoken in some countries in Africa, but in a way that Brazilians are not used to (the expression “tás a ver” is common in Portugal, Angola, Mozambique and Cape Verde, but not in Brazil).

Seven professionals produced the material that composes the exhibition. This multimedia collective also goes by the name Tás a ver. Juliana Borges, one of the photographers, says the idea is to open space for new imagination about Africa today. These artists lived in and travelled across more than 18 countries shooting excerpts from different realities and life stories.

This exhibition is the first of a series of three. There is also a documentary film about Luanda being produced as well. Tás a ver wants to bring both sides of the Atlantic closer together by making people question the preconceived notions they have about what they don’t know. It’s a noble mission – and a nice way to do it.

Tás a ver?

The “Tás a ver?” exhibition is sponsored by Mandalah.

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