Dutch Festival Uses RFID To Enable Artwork Tag Clouds

Dutch Festival Uses RFID To Enable Artwork Tag Clouds

STRP festival combines RFID and social web features to blur the boundaries between gallery experience and online existence.

Stephen Fortune
  • 16 november 2010

STRP Festival Eindhoven is breaking new ground for the use of RFID in museums and gallery spaces via it’s E-Sphere RFID initiative.

The E-Sphere takes several cues from web 2.0, such as canny integration of visitor’s Twitter and Facebook accounts and by allowing gallery guests to rate items via a limited budget of 25 “dashes” and RFID integrated wristbands. This latter feature aims to bring a ‘ – alike’ recommendation engine experience to perusing the gallery, suggesting artworks to visit based on their RFID mediated likes and dislikes.

Visitors use RFID wristbands to “tag” art in which the virtual world and physical reality collide. For the first time, a collective experience of visitors will be visible and a collective mind map is made from an art festival

The dashes and tags enabled by the RFID wristbands will create a constantly updating tag cloud and in so doing open up potential for data mining the collective experience of visiting a gallery. It also marks a break from traditional utilisation of RFID in such spaces to date, towards an approach that embraces the filaments of likes and tags that are increasingly constitutive of our experience of networked technology.

STRP eSphere from Marjoleine Timmer on Vimeo.

STRP E-Sphere

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